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Recording of new works for Piano and Cello 
Composed by Fabricio Brachetta

Fabricio Brachetta, Piano
Marta Tobar, Cello

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Recording Astor Piazzolla 

Celebrate Argentine composer and virtuosic bandoneón player's 100th birthday

-Music for Piano Quintet (Camorra)



Recording music to J.L Borges poems

-Cycle of Songs for Alto and Piano, composed by Fabricio Brachetta 

Fabricio Brachetta, Piano
Claire Filer, Alto 

-Music Cycles: L.V Beethoven

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'Three Songs for Alto and Piano' World Premiere

Beethoven- Sonata 23-introFabricio Brachetta
00:00 / 02:25

Live recording-Music Premiere:

'One Movement for Orchestra' World Premiere (F.Brachetta)

Audio link:

Full score - link

New commision for Flute:

'Concerto for Flute and Strings' World Premiere

-Composed by F.Brachetta


Full score - link

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Mozart Cycle of Symphonies 2022

Symphony No. 36 'Linz' to No. 41 'Jupiter'

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Open Rehearsals-

Watch the orchestra at work

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Educational programme
London Arte Chamber Orchestra


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