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B i o g r a p h y

He has studied composition and conducting in Buenos Aires,  New York,  Amsterdam, and finally London where he continued studying with Denise Ham.

He has collaborated as a soloist pianist and chamber music pianist and choir accompanist. He has been assigned as Guest Conductor for various independent orchestras, including the Amadeus Orchestra in London. His work, both as a performer and composer includes a vast repertoire from different ages and styles of music, from baroque music to contemporary music including jazz and tango with the ensemble 'Tango Nuevo'- and also choral music with the London Arte Chamber Orchestra, The Laco Soloists, and with the ensemble 'O'ton' based in Stuttgart (Germany). 

In the year 2009, he became the Music Director and Principal Conductor of the London Arte Chamber Orchestra and continues in charge until the present.

As a composer, he has been commissioned to compose and conduct the premiere of his own Clarinet, Piano, and Flute Concerto, Mass for Soprano and Orchestra, a full cycle of songs with J.L. Borges poems, piano cycle of sonatas, six string quartets, and both string and orchestra symphonies. Fabricio has been commissioned to compose music for theatre at the West End theatres in London and has also composed music for several films. His film music includes scores for the United States, Europe, and South America. His collaborations also include conducting session recordings with the BBC London, Sky Atlantic, Disney UK, and most recently Pulse Films.

He has been appointed the Music Director by the High Commission of Malta for the celebration of the Independence of Malta in London, in conjunction with the Malta embassy.

With the London Arte Chamber Orchestra, he had comprehensive tours to China during the years 2014/15 /17, and 2018. Tours also included concerts in Poland, Bulgaria, and Spain during 2022 with Laco.

Fabricio currently teaches in South London and also works as Conductor in Residence at St. Giles in the Fields church in London. In 2023 Fabricio will relocate to Germany to continue working passionately in education and as a musician.

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